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Design and technology

At Wigmore we have very good resources available for a variety of Design and Technology activities. Children are taught to use a range of tools and equipment safely from an early age and enjoy the creative aspects of the subject.

Both Key Stages cover units of work from the QCA guidelines and the Nuffield Scheme as well as a variety of ‘additions’, e.g. making kaleidoscopes or periscopes to link with reflections in Science. Work covered includes puppet making, food technology, containers, slippers, shelters, automata, playground design and mazes.

Key Stage 1 covers a variety of work such as food, moving pictures, playground design, practising skills such as cutting out, sticking and folding, cooking, puppets (sewing), paper making and moving vehicles.

Lower Key Stage 2 covers units of work such as food technology, packaging, shadow puppets, shaduf’s, kaleidoscopes, drawbridges and money containers. 

Children from the older classes  cover work over a 2-year rolling programme including shelters, slippers, vehicles, biscuit making, cams, automata and mazes.

Shadufs were used in Ancient Egypt to lift water out of the River Nile. They used the water to irrigate crops growing in the fields. We had a go at making model shadufs in DT.

First of all we had to plan what we wanted our shaduf to look like - some groups decided to make a shaduf which was similar to those used in Egypt, others decided to try a different design.

We used wood and other materials to build our shadufs. When they were finished we tested them to see if they worked - they all did!

Many types of slipper were disassembled to find out how they were made.

We made templates of our feet on card and then cut our hessian shapes from the templates.

Once all the pieces were cut from hessian then came the difficult task of sewing them all together.


When finished they were decorated in various ways.

The hessian was very difficult to work with (too cheap), so next time this unit of work is covered we will use a better quality of hessian.




Years 5 and 6 spent a term on this unit and work included biscuit testing and tasting .....



biscuit mixture ready to roll

Rolling out


... design ......



....costs, including pricing ingredients and working out the cost per biscuit .....



Cutting out the biscuit shapes



... mixing, rolling out, cutting .....



Cutting out

ready for the oven

 ..... cooking ..........


....cooling down and decorating ..........



Cooling down


  .... and selling to make a profit which went towards school council play equipment.


    This unit is linked to ICT work on Spreadsheets


Children design their maze trail on squared paper.  This can be quite difficult as it is important not to make the design too simple.  The design is then applied to a hardboard base.



Some children are able to make obstacles such as tunnels and ramps.


Once finished a metal ball is put into the maze and the perspex lid is glued on to complete the final structure.